Banana Fish Wins Fan Award at Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2019

There’s a lot of anime awards going on right now, but it’s worth taking a look at the results of each one to get an idea of what each side of anime fandom enjoyed the most in the past year. The Tokyo Anime Award Festival is an event supported by media company Dwango and gathers votes from Nico Nico Video’s anime portal site, N-Anime. The total amount of votes was 330,463. Tokyo Anime Award Festival also has other awards such as the “Movement Competition” where animators work on a short animated work featuring two provided characters (by animator Ryo-chimo), individual awards voted on by industry professionals and a film-festival like competition for feature length and short films.

Last year, Yuri on Ice!! won the fan award (since it aired late in 2016), whilst In This Corner of the World won the Grand Prize for anime films and Kemono Friends won the Grand Prize for a TV series. Tatsuki also walked away with the “Best Director” award. This year, the grand prizes, screenings and other awards will be given out at the main event throughout Ikebukuro running through the weekend of March 8-11.

However, the fan award has been announced ahead of time with the winner being Banana Fish thanks to 68,507 voters. Ayumi Yamada, Chief Animation Director for the series drew this illustration to celebrate Banana Fish winning the award.

Banana Fish had a clear lead, but here are the other shows that were in the running for the award:

Osomatsu-san Season 2 – 46,122 votes

Dream Festival! R – 22,334 votes

Run with the Wind – 17,047 votes

Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer – 16,621 votes


For the full list of votes, visit this link. And for those thinking of attending the awards festival in Ikebukuro, check the program here.

Ayumi Yamada (@24_ayame)
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