Bandai Fashion Announces Char’s Counterattack Undergarments

Gundam underwear

Let’s get the giggles out of the way first. This is a story about underwear.

More to the point, Bandai Fashion will produce Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack T-shirts, boxer underpants, and socks, they announced on Friday. The items will come in two varieties: Amuro Ray’s RX-93 Gundam (white), and Char Aznable’s MSN-04 Sazabi (red, of course).

Bandai Fashion Announces Char's Counterattack Undergarments

It’s worth noting that they specifically chose the Char’s Counterattack versions of these Gundam series rivals. This isn’t the more well-known RX-78-2 mobile suit from the original series, but the 1988 anime film version. And the same goes for Char’s underwear.

The items are sold separately, but they do seem to go together as a set. Or, you could be a fashion maniac and dress up as one-third Amuro, and two-thirds Char. They call them ‘Narikiri,’ which literally translates as ‘impersonator.’ It’s not quite cosplay.

Char's Counterattack Undergarments

It’s hard to tell if the shirts could be worn as T-shirts, but they’re probably meant as undershirts. The shirts are 100% cotton, so be careful about shrinking them. They come in M, L, and XL sizes. In the past, I have discovered that a Japanese ‘medium’ isn’t always as large as its U.S. equivalent. But the medium is apparently 70 cm in length, by 52 cm width, which isn’t too different.

The socks are a blend of fabrics. The underpants are polyester, and come in medium (66 cm waist) and large (82 cm). They call the underpants ‘boxers.’ But they appear to be cut more like hybrid boxer briefs.

Char's Counterattack Undergarments

The boxers are 3,850 yen; the shirts are 4,400 yen; the socks are 1,980 yen. They will take pre-orders between now and 17 May, and they expect to ship in June. You can find the items on the Bandai Fashion website.

Sotsu / Sunrise; Bandai Fashion
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