Bandai Namco Announces Collaboration with Sushiro for Fishing Spirits

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Bandai Namco announced today that they will be partnering with Sushiro in their Fishing Spirits Nintendo Switch title.

This is probably one of the oddest collaborations that I have seen in quite some time. On one hand, you have a video game developer, Bandai Namco. On the other, you have a sushi chain restaurant, Sushiro. In nine out of ten situations, you would never, ever, see a collaboration between two completely different brands.

Fishing Spirits is a fishing title that was initially released in Japanese game centers as a medal game where kids could ‘fish’ to earn medals that they can use to play more, save to play later, or use on different titles. The game came out on Nintendo Switch in 2019 and has seen exceptional success, leading to many updates.

About the new collaboration with Sushiro, Bandai Namco has announced the following:

After updating the game with the free major update, the ‘Sushiro Collaboration Stage’ will appear in the Medal Mode and Tournament Mode, where the fish you catch will transform into Sushiro’s sushi. In the Sushiro Collaboration Stage, you can compete for the total amount of sushi that your catch turns into in the Sushiro Fishing Tournament. For example, if you catch a tuna, it will transform into Sushiro’s popular ‘tuna sushi’, if you catch a sea bream, it will transform into a ‘sea bream sushi’, and if you catch a super gold bluefin tuna, it will transform into a luxurious ’10 pieces of tuna’.

We hope you, your family, and friends will enjoy the game experience of transforming your catch into sushi through Sushiro’s collaboration with ‘Fishing Spirits Nintendo Switch Version’.

Sushiro Collaboration

The Fishing Spirits x Sushiro update is currently available. If you have the title, what are you waiting for? Go turn your catches into sushi and see if you can become the sushi master!

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