Bandai Fashion Collection Releases Sailor Moon Bedtime Fashion Collection

Bandai Fashion Collection Releases Sailor Moon Bedtime Fashion Collection

Bandai Fashion Collection has released a line of Sailor Moon themed comfortable clothing aimed at being bedroom wear. The clothing is available now for pre-order on Bandai Fashion’s website, set to ship out sometime in October later this year.

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It seems like every season, we’re seeing some sort of Sailor Moon fashion for sale from a variety of different brands. Bandai Fashion has taken the cake this time with an Artemis and Luna inspired pattern, the two magic feline characters from the Sailor Moon series who are in love with each other. The lineup includes a nighttime bra and underwear set, a frilly off-shoulder top with a matching skirt, a pouch-style bag, and an assortment of folding mirrors based off the Sailor Scouts’ symbols. The frilly, off-shoulder top is shown as a piece that can also be worn casually, not just as cozy bedroom wear. The pouch-style bag coordinates really well with the off-shoulder top as an everyday look for going out of the house. I think the Artemis and Luna pattern is a nice change from the Sailor Scout symbol patterns that you usually see on Sailor Moon themed clothing.

The Bandai Fashion Collection site also offers a tremendous amount of Sailor Moon themed merchandise on their site, ranging from expensive jewelry all the way to furniture. Most of the Sailor Moon items on the site fetch a high price but are pretty high quality for only the most dedicated fans. Bandai Fashion Collection also released the line of premium Sailor Moon themed Kimono that we wrote about a few months ago, one of my favorite releases from the brand.

Bandai Fashion has an English site that offers international shipping, but unfortunately, I didn’t find the upcoming Sailor Moon bedroom wear anywhere on the site. We can only hope they’ll show up after pre-orders ship out.

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