BANDAI SPIRITS Announces Master Grade Gundam Virtue Gunpla Kit

Gundam Virtue Gunpla

BANDAI SPIRITS announced an absolutely outstanding kit as part of its Spring 2021 lineup: Gundam Virtue from the first season of Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

Gunpla is always at the forefront of our minds here at OTAQUEST. We love building them and even getting our airbrushes out and painting them live on our Twitch channel each week.

Gundam Virtue Kit

If I were to pick a favorite mobile suit, it would come down to the Unicorn Gundam or Gundam Virtue. There is something about its two different modes that really appeal to me. You see, the Gundam Virtue actually is two Gundam machines in one: Gundam Nadleeh is hidden behind all the thick armor that is present on the Gundam Virtue machine. Of course, the newly announced Gundam Virtue Gunpla kit is also compatible to transform with the parts of the Gundam Nadleeh.

Gundam NadleehVirtue All Parts

The new Gundam Virtue Gunpla kit is part of the Spring 2021 announcement lineup, but it won’t actually be released to collectors and builders until this coming November. It will cost ¥8,800 and will be available wherever Gunpla kits are sold throughout Japan.

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