Bandai Spirits Video Details Spring Plastic Model New Releases

30 Minute Sisters

Bandai Spirits has announced its new Spring 2021 plastic model collection. Some of the more interesting new products were introduced in a 35-minute video posted to YouTube on Friday. The video features Ultimagear’s Millennium Puzzle, a mecha from the upcoming anime series Kyoukai Senki, and new customizable figurines called 30 Minutes Sisters.

Yu-Gi-Oh! fans should immediately recognize the Millennium Puzzle. Ultimagear took this iconic bit of ancient Egyptian bling, and turned it into a puzzle within a puzzle. You have to build each individual puzzle piece before you can assemble Yugi’s pyramid-shaped magic pendant.

Millennium Puzzle, Ultimagear

The most interesting bit we’ve already done a story about. But without that context, it’s just another plastic mecha model. Sunrise Beyond will collaborate with Bandai Spirits on the anime series Kyoukai Senki. The series sounds a lot like Code Geass. But that’s OK, the main mecha will make an excellent model kit. This one is very poseable, which is a feature of the HG (High Grade) series.

30 Minutes Sisters

Finally, they introduced the 30 Minutes Sisters. These are apparently related to Bandai’s earlier 30 Minutes Missions gunpla. This time it’s all girls. These figurines are designed to be customizable, and the website even has a Customize Simulator to demonstrate the various different faces, hairstyles, body types, and armor. If you want an angry pigtailed girl with skimpy body armor, you can make one.

Bandai Spirits,
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