Banvox Announces New Hip-Hop Centric Album, “DIFFERENCE”


Banvox is an artist with a very diverse history in the music scene. After starting music at a young age, he released his first EP titled Intense Electro Disco on Japanese netlabel, Maltine Records. Since then he has exploded with success, being featured on Deadmau5’s label mau5trap, being signed to Warner Music, and then making the leap to Asobisystem with a new album in tow.

He has released a number of tracks in the dance music field ranging from drum’n bass, EDM, and dubstep, and earlier this week, banvox made the announcement that he is going to be releasing a new album titled “DIFFERENCE” on July 24th, 2020 which will feature a number of Generation Z hip-hop artists.


The album will feature a total of 16 tracks and the tracklist is as follows:

01. You(Intro)

02. Genius (ft. BENXNI)

03. 関係者以外立入禁止 (ft. BEMA from カイワレハンマー)

04. Stardom (ft. Fuji Taito)

05. Relaxpaipo (SUGAR Version)

06. Coffee (ft.ORIVA)

07. Period (ft. oozash)

08. Missing You (ft. BBY NABE)

09. Utrecht

10. Money is Power (ft. XakiMichele)

11. Lolipop (ft. ASA Wu)

12. LazerBeam (ft. Baindali)

13. 4h52 5h56

14. Bubble Gum (ft. BBY NABE)

15. Stay The Night

16. Outro (Watched You)

Out of all of these tracks, there is one in particular that I am extremely excited about on the new banvox album, and that is track number five, Relaxpaipo (SUGAR Version). Relaxpaipo was originally a track that he uploaded on his Soundcloud which then became the feature song for an EP which he released under the same name “Sugar”. The song itself is quite abstract and truly shows the type of diversity he has as an artist who can take a step outside of the proverbial “box” and try new things. On the same EP, there is the track Utrecht which is equally as abstract and honestly, quite chill to listen to.

I can’t wait for July 24th to roll around so I can hear the other tracks on banvox’s new album, it’s sure to be nothing but fire.

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