Baskin-Robbins Celebrates New Year With Pokémon Winter Tower, Ice Cream Packs, Free Bowls

Baskin-Robbins Pokémon Ice Cream Package

If you like ice cream and you like Pokémon, check out this special campaign from B-R 31 Ice Cream. Starting 1 January, B-R 31 will offer several special Pokémon-themed ice cream packs. (That’s the official name for Baskin-Robbins in Japan.)

The most impressive-looking of these is undoubtedly the Pokémon Winter Tower. It features eight regular-size ice cream cups, which can be stacked up on a two-layer stand. Of course, the cups and the stand are covered with popular Pokémon characters. You can pick any eight ice cream flavors.

Baskin-Robbins Pokémon Winter Tower

They also offer an ice cream gift box, and a variety pack. These packs don’t include the decorative tower. But the variety pack comes in a Pokémon box labeled ‘Happy New Year 2021.’ The Pokémon variety pack comes in various sizes: a small 6-pack, regular 6-pack, small 12-pack, or regular 12-pack of ice cream. The colorful gift box doesn’t have Pokémon on it, but you get eight regular or eight small cups of ice cream.

On top of that, all of these ice cream packages will come with small Pokémon bowls. There are four different bowl designs, while supplies last. Bigger boxes of ice cream will come with more bowls.

The Pokémon campaign will continue through 13 January in Japan.

Baskin-Robbins Pokémon Ice Cream Flavors

Incidentally, this is not the ice cream company’s first Pokémon collaboration. B-R 31 also has a Pokémon ice cream flavor called Triple Soda With Pikachu. The ice cream has little Pikachu candy pieces all over it.

Other distinctly Japanese ice cream flavors include matcha, musk melon, Dainagon azuki (sweet red beans), sakura (not quite the same flavor as cherry fruit), and Kuromame Kinton vanilla. Kuromame Kinton vanilla is a Flavor of the Month right now, and it features sweet black bean, chestnut and sweet potato flavors. Those three are all ‘osechi’ flavors associated with Japanese New Year foods.

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