Bayonetta Switch Release Receives Wii U Comparison Video

Bayonetta is just around the corner for Nintendo Switch meaning that we’re starting to see our first comparison videos.


With Bayonetta 1 & 2 set to receive Nintendo Switch releases in the coming couple of weeks on February 16, we’re inching closer and closer to one of my most anticipated handheld releases of the year, albeit a re-release. Without access to a Wii U to play the sequel to my favorite action-adventure title of all time, I was over the moon to hear that the game would be receiving a Nintendo Switch release. Afterall, who wouldn’t want to fight angels on the go as one of the baddest witches in town?

As with most re-releases on next-generation consoles, this also means we’re seeing some visual and performance upgrades to the game. While visuals aren’t necessarily everything, the benefits are always welcome. Running at a full 60 fps, fight scenes are set to look seriously incredible on the Nintendo Switch release of the game. On top of that, shadows are looking much smoother in both titles, as well as loading times being reduced by as much as 10 seconds.

Driving the performance improvements home, YouTube channel Nintendo World Report TV shared a comparison video for both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2. Those comparison videos can be found below:

Bayonetta: Nintendo Switch vs Wii U Release

Bayonetta 2: Nintendo Switch vs Wii U Release

With less than two weeks until we can finally get our hands on the Nintendo Switch version of both games, the excitement is definitely mounting. The ability to play both Bayonetta titles during transits or from the comfort of my room is something that acts as a selling point on its own, coupled with the improvements over previous versions. If you’re interested in checking out further information on the upcoming game, be sure to check out the official website.

Images: Platinum Games

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