BEASTARS Gets The In Vogue Tasteful Anime Watch Treatment

Beastars Gets The In Vogue Tasteful Anime Watch Treatment

Paru Itagaki’s instant classic BEASTARS is just about wrapping up but the series’ popular will continue to endure. Not only does she have a ‘spin-off’ of sorts coming out that actually harkens back to the manga’s conceptual origins, but season 2 of the hit anime adaptation is coming to Netflix pretty soon. We imagine, for the next year at least, we’ll still be hearing a lot of this equally subtle and vicious story starring a bunch of anthropomorphic animals. It only makes sense that with its particular brand of popularity, it would be the latest series to receive what we’re calling the ‘tasteful anime watch’ treatment that’s become a real thing these last few months.

Beasters Watch

This BEASTARS themed watch courtesy of U-Treasure is not only gorgeous, with its refined silver band arcing the piece, but quite cleverly designed as well. You have silhouettes of the beloved wolf Legoshi and the consistently subversive Haru at the ends of the large and small hands, laying way to a constant ‘wolf chasing the hare’. Mirroring the show itself, you have Louis shadowed onto the face of the watch, overlooking all. Of course, if you want to sport this particular anime watch, you’ll have to be willing to shell out a not so modest 29,700 yen which at least includes tax.

While themed watches aren’t anything particularly new in concept, I feel like in recent months we see new anime watches popping out every couple weeks. They’re often not cheap either. It’s possible we’ll someday see the likes of Rolex release a 20,000 dollar Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure watch, with that series’ particular penchant for fashion. Are anime nerds the type who want to spend 300 dollars on a wrist-watch? Watchmakers keep making them so we suppose enough people are shelling out for these, and the BEASTARS variant’s a particularly good pick.

This delightful BEASTARS themed anime watch can be pre-ordered here.

Paru Itagaki / U-Treasure
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