BEASTARS Season 2 Trailer Released, Features Giant Snake

BEASTARS Season 2 Trailer Released, Features Giant Snake

Beastars has been one of the biggest critic and fan favorites of the past couple years. Using its anthropomorphic animal motif as a conduit to offer tense intrigue, breathtaking art, and exploration of difficult questions, Paru Itagaki created an all timer for the culture. While her manga has come to an end, a second season of the anime will continue the series’ momentum when it hits Japanese airwaves this January. While, unfortunately, it’s not likely to come to Netflix until a little later than that, we finally have a Beastars Season 2 trailer to sink our beasty fangs into.

First and foremost, the Beastars Season 2 trailer showcases a gigantic snake woman whom we’re equally terrified of and drawn to. Now with that out of the way, Beastars season 2 seemingly focuses on the disappearance of the proto Beastar Louis, as well as continuing with Legoshi’s journey of carnivore conundrum.  We’ll see a lot of new characters in this season, not just the snake, and if you thought the variety of good-doers, miscreants, and those in the show’s vast grey area in between were entertaining, just you wait.

Recently Beastars creator was kind enough to take time out of her schedule to talk to us as she was nearing the end of her break out hit series. It’s been incredible to see this young creator tap into so many different threads that are all sewn together in a way that can appeal to many different kinds of fans. Your mystery buffs, angsty teens, those looking for catharsis, and yes even furries, as long as you can handle some gnarly moments just about anyone can find something to like in the comic or show. The Beastars Season 2 trailers offers just a glimpse, but what a vision it is! If you’ve yet to dig into this juicy piece of meat, open that maw.


Beastars Season 2 will hit Japanese TV this January and Netflix worldwide sometime after.

Netflix / Paru Itagaki
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