Beat Saber Arcade Available for Licensing Later This Month

Beat Saber developer Hyperbolic Magnetism recently updated their site to display text announcing the release of Beat Saber for the arcade market. Beat Saber Arcade is set for official licensing later this month and the team wanted to let you know that they want you to have the very best experience of the game, no matter where you play it.

Hyberbolic Magnetism does confirm they are (and have been) working on a PlayStation VR level editor that it took them longer than expected to create the version playable in arcades. Below is a picture from Twitter user @PeaceMirai showing off the arcade cabinet design in a Korean arcade owners purchase catalog.

We reached out to the development team for more information regarding the arcade release!

Thanks user ✭†LEGGENDARIA and char * in our Discord for the heads up!

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