beatmania IIDX 25 CANNON BALLERS – New Information and more! (12/13 BEnama)

On a cold winter’s evening in Tokyo, one game turned up the heat and gave players plenty to look forward to: beatmania IIDX 25 CANNON BALLERS!

KAC announcer and CANNON BALLERS’ system voice, Mori Icchou joined DOLCE along with the MCs Yuki Nakashima and Ranze Fukushima to bring fans the latest news on this week’s special edition of BEMANI Live (BEnama)!

Unfortunately, no release date was given for this new version, as “Coming Soon” was basically all that was said… However, all signs thus far have seemed to point to next Wednesday or Thursday 20th or 21st. Hopefully it won’t be too much later than that.

A few screenshots showed off the general UI of the game, along with a few new songs:

The Daily Bonus feature from SINOBUZ has been edited a bit, with Thursday bringing a TIME HELL mode on Thursdays, and a V-Disc Bonus on Fridays:

In addition, the VEFX system has been overhauled, and a total of 9 different effects will be available:

Finally, the Camera attachment was profiled. One camera faces the player, and one faes the controller/hands:

Via the advanced option menus, you can choose to turn on either of the cameras, or both, and have them displayed in place of the song’s BG movie:

We got a quick look at an upgraded (new?) cabinet, showing the attached cameras:

A pre-recorded video of DOLCE. playing was also shown, with examples of the camera angles that are used:

A few new songs were also shown as they were scrolled over! DOLCE chose one of the new licenses, I’m Coming (2017 Version) by Pa’s Lam System:

Praise be to the result screen gods (GOLI), the initial release will have the character art that players crave:

The 7th KAC Qualifier song, “Be a Hero!” was also shown for a quick moment, confirming that it is indeed coming to the game as previously rumored:

DOLCE also demonstrated the dual-camera display mode in his second song choice:

Unfortunately, no mention of “uploading” these videos was made, and at the moment, it seems to be mainly designed for streaming/tournament use. Maybe that will change? We sure hope so.

One final note: Although no pictures were shown, an announcement was made for the CANNON BALLERS Original Soundtrack (name subject to change)! It’s likely that this will also include the remaining SINOBUZ tracks. Hopefully more details will be rolled out soon.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to get a head-start when that checkered flag drops, make sure to play some of the KAC-qualifier-marked songs in SINOBUZ, so you can get a 12000 LEG (the new currency) present upon release:

In other BEMANI news, a new PON song will be added to Nostalgia’s MISSION BINGO system tomorrow, 12/14:

As mentioned earlier this week, MUSECA is celebrating its 2nd anniversary with 1 new Grafica, 5 of the previously-announced Contest winner songs, and 1 brand new track! They are now available in-game. The Grafica is unlockable after 5 plays:

The 7th KAC Original CD Campaign, started earlier this week, has revealed some of the tracks present on the mini-album:

The SUKI Ranking for October also finished and the top 10 was revealed in a video:

Additionally, the upcoming GITADORA and jubeat Original Soundtrack jackets were revealed:

The next BEnama will be a KAC special, next week on 12/20 at 8pm JST:

Until then, keep it locked on our Twitter for all the latest updates!

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