beatmania IIDX 27 HEROIC VERSE Second Crossfade Ups the Ante for What’s to Come

beatmania IIDX 27 HEROIC VERSE Second Crossfade Ups the Ante for What's to Come

It was only this week that I found myself writing about the initial wave of music being featured in beatmania IIDX 27 HEROIC WAVE, but here I am once more sharing my impressions of just what we can expect from the latest version in the long-running series. Shared Friday via Konami’s official YouTube channel, the second crossfade, as the title of this piece suggests, seriously ups the ante of just what we can expect. Before I get too much into that though, check out the crossfade below:

Alright, so you gave it a listen? Good, because whether you’re a beatmania IIDX diehard or a casual fan of the title’s music, chances are there’s something in this crossfade for you — that is if you’re into extremely hard-hitting music. While the first crossfade felt like a showcase of the numerous styles featured within the IIDX series, this latest crossfade seemingly goes all out on the harder side of things; something that long-time Bemani fans are sure to be pleased with. If you checked out the video and are looking for a full break down of the music, check out the crossfade’s full tracklist below:

01. Nasty Techniques / kors k
02. Primitive Vibes / lapix
03. Drop It / Dazsta
04. セピアの軌跡 ft. 天宮みや(少女フラクタル) / Xceon
05. 曼荼羅恋々 / BEMANI Sound Team “Akhuta Works” feat. Nana Takahashi
06. Queen Kaguya / BEMANI Sound Team “U1 overground”
07. Infinity Mirror / Dirty Androids
08. Duration / 佐野電磁
09. NEWALONE / Masayoshi Iimori
10. Hyper Drive feat. ぷにぷに電機 / パソコン音楽クラブ

Opening with the latest offering from Kors K, “Nasty Technique”, the lineup only progressively gets harder and harder before finally concluding on a relatively mellow note with Pasocom Computer Club and Punipuni Denki’s collaborative “Hyper Drive” which truly feels like the perfect closure to this crossfade. You’ll see a number of OTAQUEST frequents featured in this lineup, and we’re stoked to deep dive into the latest entry into the beatmania IIDX universe to see just how their songs play in-game.

Set to hit arcades nationwide on October 16, there’s seemingly no better time to dive into the world of beatmania IIDX than the game’s latest update. For those wanting to check out additional information on beatmania IIDX 27 HEROIC VERSE, be sure to head over to the game’s official website.

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