beatmania IIDX INFINITAS Alpha Test… FOR PC!

beatmania IIDX Infinitas
An amazing announcement for all IIDX fans as Konami’s e-AMUSE Cloud service has released beatmania IIDX INFINITAS for PC, now in alpha testing.

To participate in the test, Japanese residents are asked to log in with their e-Amuse info, and play today from 2:30 PM till 8 PM (it’s currently almost 5 PM).
After testing it out, participants are requested to fill in the survey as well as report back any bugs or issues suffered during the test.

From the FAQ
What is INFINITAS? INFINITAS is beatmania IIDX‘s latest offering for Windows PC. It will contain new and old songs.
What do I need to run INFINITAS? INFINITAS can be played on Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1, and requires a constant Internet connection.

Important Specs.
At least 2.5GHz, Intel core i5 series 2.7GHz or better is recommended.

At least 2GB, 4GB or more is recommended.

5GB of free space.

258 MB or greater of memory on your graphics card
Microsoft DirectX 9.0C or better
Microsoft DirectX End User Runtime
There is no guarantee of smooth gameplay if you are running the game with your Note PC.

Stereo output. Be cautious of volume when using head/earphones to play.

1280×720 is bare minimum, and the game will run in 60hz, recommended you run it in 16:9 resolution.

Konami recommends you run the game using a keyboard with the numpad. You can also assign keys to buttons at any time in the Options menu.

Internet Connection
Besides it being required to download the actual game, your save data will be stored on Konami’s cloud servers.

Current Song List
5.1.1. – dj nagureo
Bad Maniacs – kors k as teranoid
being torn the sky – 猫叉Master+ feat.JUNE
bloomin’ feeling – Ryu☆
Brazilian Fire – Ben Franklin
DROP – dj TAKA feat.Kanako Hoshino
Last Burning – Dirty Androids
NoN-Fiction Story! – Creative Life
One of A Kind – Crystal Begley
She is my wife – SUPER STAR 満-MITSURU-
SigSig – kors k
with me… – Sota Fujimori feat.Kemy
コスモス – TSU-NA
バビロニア – 劇団レコード
未来のプリズム – 星野奏子
凛として咲く花の如く – 紅色リトマス

More information will be forthcoming, but for now, check out the official INFINITAS website for further info (Japanese language-only).

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