Konami Announces Location Tests for beatmania IIDX 28 BISTROVER and Sound Voltex EXCEED GEAR

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Konami is on a roll today. Not only did they start a new round of Arena mode for beatmania IIDX 27 Heroic Verse, put out new crossover songs on Dance Dance Revolution A20 Plus, Guitar Freaks and Drummania NEX+AGE, and Pop’n Music PEACE, but they have also just made a late evening announcement of not only one, but TWO location tests happening at the same game center at the same time. The location tests will be for the new version of beatmania IIDX, titled ‘beatmania IIDX 28 BISTOVER’, as well as the new version for Sound Voltex, titled ‘Sound Voltex EXCEED GEAR.’


As an absurdly massive bemani fan, you can’t even begin to fathom how excited this makes me. Especially with the times that the world is in right now. The location tests will be happening from this Friday, September 4th until Sunday, September 6th at Kawasaki SILK HAT DICE, a game center that has become the home for bemani location tests for quite some time now. We had attended the location tests for beatmania IIDX 26 ROOTAGE, beatmania IIDX 27 Heroic Verse, and Sound Voltex VIVID WAVE there, so we’re no stranger to the venue.

The location tests are held on a lottery basis where you line up about an hour or so before the game center opens and Konami staff pass out tickets with a number on it. That number is your place in line and trust me when I say this, there is a very high probability that you will be there all day, and may not even get to play and have to return another day. So there is always the risk of that happening if you are in the area and intend on visiting the location test.

As always, you can expect that we will be present on the scene for the location test and will be doing in-depth coverage on both games.

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