BEMANI Livestream 9/27 Special: pop’n music & Hinabita Special, SDVX EDP2017 & more!

Ever since the Weekly BEnama Livestreams got put on hold, it seems like less and less PR/marketing/SNS activity has been happening on the Konami side. But, this week’s Special Broadcast brought back some of the excitement that fans have been craving, and showed us quite a few interesting surprises!

Before the BEMANI portion of the stream, there was a 1-hour “Quiz Magic Academy Super Broadcasting Club” which discussed some news and events of that game. pop’n music fans will recognize the week’s guest illustrator shio as the main pop’n character/visual designer:

After wrapping up that section, the night’s two MCs, Yuki Nakashima and Ranze Fukushima started the BEnama time!

First, they took a look at the Hinabita “Sweet Smile Heroes” Event, which is starting shortly on 9/28:

With “classes” like Magical princess, Sage, Gunner, Ninja, the girls each have their own special songs in that theme, each composed by popular BEMANI artists:

In GITADORA, the songs will be available through a “Star Quest!” Defeating the monsters will unlock songs:

The first two parts of the event will focus on the 4 main girls minus Meu. After that, a Coconatsu part is planned. (Meu might be the last boss)

In jubeat Clan, 4 of the Hinabita event songs will be purchasable in the OMIYAGE SHOP. The other 3 are available after playing for 1/3/5 days using the Daily Bonus feature:

There will also be Hinabita Limited jbox Selectios, starting with #1, three characters:

In REFLEC BEAT, the Hinabita Stamp Rally returns, this time with the songs as the rewards for reaching 10 hearts per girl. Playing other Hinabita songs gets you hearts depending on which character’s song it is.

SOUND VOLTEX players are in for a treat – NO UNLOCKING!

That’s right, all 7 songs are available by default. A new Summer Memorial Genesis Card Set is also available until 10/31:




pop’n music “SUPER EVOLUTION” 9/28 UPDATE!

Active soon, Daily Missions give you different rewards based on various requirements, such as total cumulative score, etc.

Aligning with most other recent BEMANI games, a “pop’n Class” ranking system is finally implemented. This works similar to other games’ ranking systems:

By default, the below 4 songs will be available:

In addition, eclale songs and characters are going to start to be unlocked!

Finally, the new event was revealed – “NABI-FES”
There are various bonuses and boosts that will help you in the event:

After your last song, you’re presented with Stages – Hinabita, Coconatsu, and RED STAGE (new TOMOSUKE song!) are available by default.

We got a quick demo of the features, and saw some of the daily missions:

NAVI-FES works like this:

You need to progress through the live event, and at the end, your song is unlocked.

Afterwards, you can see your pop’n Class rank:

SURPRISE! SDVX composer MAD CHILD showed up to announce some EDP news:

The EDP×SOUND VOLTEX FLOOR ANTHEM 2017 logo was revealed:

A Special KAC Champion Exhibition Match will also be held during the event:

Also, FLOOR Illustrator/Artist Event & Original Goods will be available (Basically Junction Box!) from the below 6 artists and more:


One more neat addition: Tagging your SDVX Art/Photos/Cosplay/Original work with:  on Twitter or possibly Facebook might earn you a spot and have it displayed at the event Gallery in the lobby!

The VIP Tickets have been Sold Out, but SVIP, Normal & Twitter-limited are still available:

After that, some more BEMANI News rounded out the night.


The anime “Osomatsu-san” Season 2 OP is coming to GITADORA, DDR, REFLECBEAT, jubeat, and  Nostalgia on 10/3:

Also, as announced earlier, Konami’s new game “TOKIMEKI IDOL” theme「DREAMING-ING!!」is also headed to a handful of games:

Nostalgia had a new feature added today – “MISSION BINGO” with 2 song unlocks, and more soon!

The first Osomatsu-san OP is also coming to the game soon:

GITADORA Matixx Monthly Ranking for October was also revealed with these songs:

And there we have it.

Finally, the next BEnama was announced for 10/18! What will we see then?…IIDX? New games? Stay tuned.

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