BEMANI Master Korea 2017 Recap – Konami’s e-Sports Test Tournament?

Over the weekend, Korean arcade distributor UNIANA held the third annual BEMANI Master Korea contest at the Freec UP Studio e-Sports venue in Seoul. This year’s tournament turned out to be the biggest contest since its start back in 2013 and featured the top performers from Korea after online qualifiers ran from September 28 – October 18.

Entrants played a certain set of qualifier songs in every BEMANI game. The top 150 players earned points based on ranking. (1st place 150 pts, 2nd 149 pts, 3rd 148 pts, etc.) and the top 4 players with the highest combined score in each game earned the right to compete at the finals.

The list of all player ranks can be seen here.


  • GGD
  • TRICK.

These four finalists chose one game each to be played at the finals, with the 5th game being selected by a Twitter poll conducted by UNIANA:



  • GITADORA Matixx: GuitarFreaks
  • jubeat Clan
  • Nostalgia
  • SOUND VOLTEX IV Heavenly HAVEN (User choice)
  • Dance Dance Revolution A

UNIANA also set up a poll on the official BMK 2017 site where the public could vote before finals on who was most likely take the win, and although it was a close call, GGD pulled ahead of FEFEMZ by only a handful of votes.

  • GGD – 39.17%
  • FEFEMZ – 38.98%
  • TRICK. – 14.96%
  • REMILIA – 11.22%

Contestants played a series of qualifying songs from each game – points were totaled and a winner was crowned.

Congrats to BEMANI MASTER KOREA Winner: GGD!

GGD took home a fancy check of 5,000,000 won (JPY 510,000円 / $4,485 USD), with the 3 others netting decent amounts as well. Full event can be watched below:

Amazing job for all players involved and huge thanks to UNIANA for running the show! We hope to attend in-person next year!

One thing’s also for sure – Konami’s push for IIDX (and possibly the rest of BEMANI) to enter the realm of e-Sports is definitely something that could work out similarly to how BMK was run this year. The production value was pretty top-notch, and VERY e-Sports-like.

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