Konami Announces BEMANI PRO LEAGUE ZERO Draft and BEMANI PRO LEAGUE Items for beatmania IIDX 27 HEROIC VERSE

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KONAMI has been recently hyping up the impending start of its BEMANI PRO LEAGUE for beatmania IIDX 27 HEROIC VERSE and has started making moves to get it underway. Initially announced back in December of last year, the BEMANI PRO LEAGUE is an esports league which will pit the top beatmania IIDX players across all of Japan against each other in a traditional sports fashion. They have recently announced the BEMANI PRO LEAGUE ZERO Draft which will be taking place next week, but before that, let’s take a look at what the BEMANI PRO LEAGUE is all about.

BEMANI PRO LEAGUE is a tournament hosted by KONAMI. Companies will become team owners, and they will compete in league matches, aiming to win as a team. The total prize money is planned to be 20 million yen, and the prize money will be given to the team. The first year’s game will be beatmania IIDX. There currently is a total of six teams and those teams are:

APINA VRAMeS – Kyowa Corporation

GAME PANIC – Leisurelan Co., Ltd.

SILKHAT – MATAHARI Entertainment Co., Ltd.

ROUND1 – ROUND ONE Corporation



Each of the six teams will have four players which will be chosen via a draft similar to how it is done in traditional professional sports environments and the teams will be pitted against each other in a series of games to determine the winner of the season.

However, due to the situations with coronavirus, KONAMI has had to put the official BEMANI PRO LEAGUE on hold and has announced BEMANI PRO LEAGUE ZERO, a pre-season of sorts to the official season which will get fans ready for the season once it’s officially underway.

BEMANI PRO LEAGUE ZERO will consist of 3 teams that are being fronted by staples in the BEMANI community. Those teams will be:

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TEAM Ryu☆ – The team led by dance track creator Ryu☆, a well-known DJ in the BEMANI series. Their team color is blue.




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TEAM MIRIN – The team is led by Mirin Furukawa, the center member of ‘Denpagumi.inc’, who has a wide range of participation in games from consumer to arcade and internet games and is also an MC of game shows. Their team color is red.



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TEAM YASHIRO – The team is led by one of the top-ranked virtual livers in the Nijisanji group. Their team color is white.




Each team will take part in the BEMANI PRO LEAGUE ZERO draft which will be taking part on September 15th at 7pm Japan time on YouTube. In BEMANI PRO LEAGUE ZERO, there are 4 players on one team.

Pro League Zero Draft

Three of the members will be selected from among those who have passed the first round of BEMANI PRO LEAGUE pro test at the draft meeting. The last player will be selected from the “special queue” in a drawing by KONAMI.

The players which will be participating in the draft are:













As previously mentioned, the final member of the team will be chosen by lottery and consists of the cosplayer Eika, singer NU-KO, and GAMER GIRL / STREAMER YUNOCY (Yuno Mizusawa.)

The BEMANI PRO LEAGUE ZERO draft will be hosted by none other than Moriicchou and DOLCE.

Aside from this, KONAMI will also be offering players who play at the locations that are operated by the team owners of the BEMANI PRO LEAGUE teams some items in-game for beatmania IIDX 27 HEROIC VERSE. Those items consist of lane covers, turntable icons, and q-pro parts that you can use to show your fandom for whichever team you choose to cheer on.

I for one am excited to see how this turns out and look forward to the BEMANI PRO LEAGUE season to get underway.


▼”BEMANI PRO LEAGUE ZERO” Draft Broadcast Channel:



URL: https://p.eagate.573.jp/game/bpl/bplzero/draft/index.html


URL: http://eagate.573.jp/game/bpl/bplzero/

▼”BEMANI PRO LEAGUE” Twitter Account

URL: https://twitter.com/bemaniproleague

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