BEMANI Summer Greetings 2018 Song Unlock Event

As we hit the tail end of the Summer 2018 season, Summer events in BEMANI are just kicking off, because today, KONAMI announces the BEMANI Summer Greetings event and it begins with GITADORA Matixx. We’ll keep this article updated throughout the unlock event, just so things stay nice and organized for each game.


Beginning today, August 10 until September 9 (23:59 JST), the Matixx Quest Part 3 Run Bear Marathon begins, where you help OTOBEAR reach the goal by clearing as many songs as possible. Long Version songs move the character six times the normal distance as well! Unfortunately for North American players, Long Versions are only available in Premium Mode, which we do not have access to.

  • 星座が恋した瞬間を。/ BEMANI Sound Team “DJ TOTTO feat. MarL”
  • Puberty Dysthymia / BEMANI Sound Team “person09”

Puberty Dysthymia is rewarded when the character hits the middle of the goal, while 星座が恋した瞬間を。is awarded when you fully hit the goal.

Matixx Quest Part 4 lasts from August 15th, 2018 to September 9th, 2018 and is a Random Challenge. Clear songs by selecting “Random All Songs”. By clearing HOT songs or by clearing songs with a rank higher than S, players will obtain a bonus on increasing the unlock gauge.
  • Life is beautiful / BEMANI Sound Team “猫叉Master”
  • SUPER SUMMER SALE / BEMANI Sound Team “U1 overground”

jubeat clan

Unlocked songs from the event can be unlocked by obtaining pow by playing regular songs (which will grant the player 10pow), or by playing HOT MUSIC songs (awards you 30pow)

  • 星座が恋した瞬間を。/ BEMANI Sound Team “DJ TOTTO feat.MarL” – 10pow
  • Puberty Dysthymia / BEMANI Sound Team “person09” – 200pow
  • Life is beautiful / BEMANI Sound Team “猫叉Master” – 400pow
  • SUPER SUMMER SALE / BEMANI Sound Team “U1 overground” – 700pow
  • 風鈴花火 / BEMANI Sound Team “劇団レコード” feat.結良まり – 1,000pow
  • Prey / BEMANI Sound Team “Dustup” – 1,500pow
  • Rejoin / BEMANI Sound Team “HuΣeR feat.PON” – 2,000pow


Songs can be unlocked from August 23rd to September 3rd from the 烈風刀のイキイキ野菜農園 unlocking system

  • 風鈴花火 / BEMANI Sound Team “劇団レコード” feat.結良まり – 1 harvested plant
  • 星座が恋した瞬間を。/ BEMANI Sound Team “DJ TOTTO feat.MarL” – 4 harvested plants
  • Life is beautiful / BEMANI Sound Team “猫叉Master” – 7 harvested plants
  • Rejoin / BEMANI Sound Team “HuΣeR feat.PON” – 10 harvested plants
  • SUPER SUMMER SALE / BEMANI Sound Team “U1 overground” – 13 harvested plants
  • Puberty Dysthymia / BEMANI Sound Team “person09” – 16 harvested plants
  • Prey / BEMANI Sound Team “Dustup” – 20 harvested plants

pop’n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢

Songs can be unlocked via the NAVIfes system

Summer Stage 1

  • 星座が恋した瞬間を。/ BEMANI Sound Team “DJ TOTTO feat.MarL” – 2018 PT
  • Puberty Dysthymia / BEMANI Sound Team “person09” – 3000 PT
  • Life is beautiful / BEMANI Sound Team “猫叉Master” – 3000 PT

Summer Stage 2

  • SUPER SUMMER SALE / BEMANI Sound Team “U1 overground” – 2018 PT
  • 風鈴花火 / BEMANI Sound Team “劇団レコード” feat.結良まり – 3000 PT
  • Prey / BEMANI Sound Team “Dustup” – 3000 PT
  • Rejoin / BEMANI Sound Team “HuΣeR feat.PON” – 3000 PT

DanceDanceRevolution A

Songs unlocked via Extra Savior go live at 10am on 8/30 in Japan!

  • 風鈴花火 / BEMANI Sound Team “劇団レコード” feat.結良まり
  • 星座が恋した瞬間を。/ BEMANI Sound Team “DJ TOTTO feat.MarL”
  • Life is beautiful / BEMANI Sound Team “猫叉Master”
  • Rejoin / BEMANI Sound Team “HuΣeR feat.PON”
  • SUPER SUMMER SALE / BEMANI Sound Team “U1 overground”
  • Puberty Dysthymia / BEMANI Sound Team “person09”
  • Prey / BEMANI Sound Team “Dustup”

Once all other songs have been unlocked, ‘Prey’ will then appear and then can be unlocked.

This wraps up BEMANI Summer Greetings 2018!


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