Konami’s Summer Bemani Super Rush 2020 Continues

Bemani Super Rush 2020 Title

Konami is no slouch when it comes to thinking of innovative ways to implant its vast library of bemani songs into other bemani titles where the song did not originate from, and their newest online event is no different. Dubbed “Summer Bemani Super Rush 2020”, the event has players participate in a number of online events such as card games to earn points to spend on unlocking specific tracks in-game, to actually playing a certain game to unlock a song in another game. Think of it like Sound Voltex’s Cross Infection, but on a grander scale.

Summer Bemani Super Rush 2020 started on July 29th, 2020 and runs until October 29th, 2020, and allows players to unlock songs from various bemani games to be played in games in which the tracks did not originate from. For example, Camellia’s song from Dance Dance Revolution A20 Plus, ‘Orca’, can be played in beatmania IIDX 27 Heroic Verse by playing one game of Dance Dance Revolution A20 Plus, or by playing 10 games of beatmania IIDX 27 Heroic Verse. With this method, even if you don’t play the full gamut of bemani titles, you can still unlock each song which is part of the event.

Today, September 2nd, 2020, Konami has introduced 3 songs which will be crossed over from other games, and those songs are:

PANIC HOLIC / C-Show (Sound Voltex→Dance Dance Revolution A20 Plus)

KAYOWAKI KOI NO UTA / Misa Kanzaki (NOSTALGIA→Guitar Freaks&Drummania NEX+AGE)

Sulk / SYUNN (Jubeat Festo→Pop’n Music PEACE)

With there still a little over a month remaining in the Summer Bemani Super Rush 2020 event to go, we still have one character who has yet to even been premiered with songs, which should be happening any day now. One could only imagine what that portion of the event could include, but you can be sure that there will certainly be some pretty interesting crossovers happening considering they’re waiting until the very end of the event to make them available.


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