What’s the Best Detective Conan OP and ED? You Choose for 25th Anniversary

Key visual for best Detective Conan OP and ED contest

The celebrations surrounding the momentous Detective Conan episode 1000 and 25th anniversary continue unabated, with Yomiuri TV announcing today that they would be holding a contest to decide the series’ best OP and ED.

To that end, all 52 openings and 62 endings have been uploaded to the official Detective Conan YouTube channel, making for a total of 114 videos across twenty-five years of broadcast history. This is also the first time that every single Detective Conan OP and ED has been uploaded in one place.

And boy, are there some real old school bangers in there. From the very first Detective Conan OP in 1996 ‘Mune ga Doki Doki’ to 2000’s smooth love song ED ‘Secret of my heart,’ there’s bound to be at least some tunes to trigger that sweet, sweet nostalgic switch in your brain. The modern OPs and EDs are also good, but don’t quite hit that same note for whatever reason.

When it comes to the ‘best’ Detective Conan OP and ED, however, there’s bound to be very strong opinions from every corner of the fanbase. Let’s hope that Yomiuri TV’s contest settles the debate once and for all. You can vote once a day via the official webpage, although you’ll need to either live in Japan or use a VPN to watch the videos themselves. It’s probably something to do with licensing.

For my money, the best Detective Conan OP is undoubtedly ‘Nazo’ by Miho Komatsu. Used in the show from 7 April 1997 to 13 April 1998, it captures the old school appeal of classic Conan while also actually being about the themes of the show (mysteries, suspects, etc.). Although I have very fond memories of screaming ‘Mune ga Doki Doki’ at 3AM in a karaoke parlor, that song doesn’t actually describe the show very well.

Meanwhile, my favorite Detective Conan ED is probably ‘Kimi ga Inai Natsu’ by DEEN. There’s an unwritten rule that while the show’s openings are more action-packed, the endings are much more low-key, and usually focus on the romance between Ran and Shinichi. This sequence, used from 11 August to 18 December 1997, captures this well in the beginning, although it’s mostly made up of clips from the show.

What’s your favorite Detective Conan OP and ED? You can vote for them via the official 1000th episode project website.

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