Flying Zaku Tofu Saucers Featured In Strange Beyond G Tofu Promo

Flying Zaku Tofo Saucers Featured In Strange Beyond G Tofu Promo

Sometimes you have to watch a video two or three times just to get a handle on what’s going on. Other times, you have to watch it five or six times because the first three go-arounds didn’t help.  On rare occasion, after your tenth defeat, you decide even if you don’t understand what you’ve just seen, you accept it and love it for what it is. That’s how I’m feeling about this extended promotional video for Beyond G Tofu, which exactly as it sounds is  Mobile Suit Gundam branded and shaped Tofu. The three and a half long promo vid will excite and confuse the Gundam heads in equal doses, making it well worth the watch.

Despite being an official Gundam product, the Beyond G Tofu line and video actually doesn’t feature any Gundams. Instead, you have a whole lot of Zaku Tofu Saucers flying around space in depicted in 2002 era cheap CG. What makes the video particularly delightful is that it features full voicing, with some extended narration from Char Aznable. Another weird choice, it seems this Tofu War takes place during the Zeta Gundam era of UC with Haman Karn making a cameo. plus Char’s Hyakku Shiki being the other available Tofu design.

Hyakku Shiki Tofu

The Beyond G Tofu project isn’t the only time Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam has gotten some love. Usually, most Gundam nostalgia products revolve around the original RX 78-2 and Char Aznable. This Gundam Tofu follows a new line of Zeta and Wing shirts that debuted a few weeks ago, leaving us hoping we’ll see more alternate Gundam series throwbacks soon. Maybe some G Gundam kicks or a Char’s Counterattack men’s tie line would be pretty fitting. Not that we don’t adore the original Mobile Suit Gundam, but it’s particularly exciting when another entry gets to shine in the spotlight.

Find out more about Beyond G Tofu here.

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