SSSS.GRIDMAN Figures of Rikka and Akane Announced by Bfull Fots Japan

SSSS.Gridman Figures of Rikka and Akane

Today, Japanese figure manufacturer Bfull FOTS JAPAN issued a press release that they will be releasing new figures of Akane and Rikka from SSSS.GRIDMAN.

Just look at them. I would love to have both Rikka and Akane on display if I actually had a place to display figures inside my tiny Tokyo apartment.

Rikka Figure (SSSS.Gridman)

Rikka Takarada and Akane Shinjou, two main characters in the SSSS.GRIDMAN anime, are sporting some revealing swimsuits. The official press release states:

From the popular anime SSSS.GRIDMAN comes a swimsuit version of Rikka Takarada and Akane Shinjou! Based on a wonderfully drawn illustration, they have a cute and sexy finish. Please pay attention to the lines of the body that have been beautifully sculpted and the unique texture of the swimming suit. Please put them together and enjoy the heroines full of charm!

The figure of Rikka has her leaning on her legs with one hand on the ground drinking a refreshing drink of what seems to be everyone’s favorite drink, Pocari Sweat. The figure of Akane has her on her knees with one hand on the ground with a towel draped over her shoulders as she is carefully drying her pink hair.

Akane Figure (SSSS. Gridman)

Each of the SSSS.GRIDMAN figures will run for ¥13,200 (Approx. $125 USD) and will start shipping at the end of July. If you’re interested in pre-ordering the figures, you can do so from the official Bfull FOTS JAPAN website, but you will need to have a friend or a proxy buy the figures for you. Pre-orders kick off today and will run until 25 May 2021.

Rikka and Akane SSSS.Gridman

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