Bigwest Begins Global Release of Macross Works after Recent Agreement

Minmay from Macross

Just two weeks ago, news broke that licensee of the original Tatsunoko-produced Macross anime series and Robotech creator Harmony Gold and franchise rights holder Bigwest had, after years, reached an agreement. Decades of increasingly complex legal issues and disputes had suddenly been laid to rest, and for once, fans could look forward to the massive media franchise finally being legally available in the west.

Now, Bigwest has confirmed its plan to internationally release not only all Macross anime series and films since 1987, but toys, games, live performances and other content as well. Both an official YouTube page and Twitter account have been opened to keep global fans in the loop.

Currently, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Flash Back 2012 is streaming for a limited time, perhaps as a show of good faith. The 1987 collection of music videos compiled from the original series and Do You Remember Love theatrical release was created to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the series.

Creator of the Macross series Shoji Kawamori had a heartfelt response to the announcement:

For creators like me, our work only comes to life for when it is viewed by people.
It seems that the time has just started to move, after years and years of stillness.
I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to all the people involved who have helped bring Macross to the world.
Last but not least, I am deeply thankful for all the support and understanding from the fans around the world.
Together, aiming for further freedom, and a brand new deculture.
TO THE WORLD, TO THE GALAXY, Listen to our MACROSS song!!!!!!

Original character designer and animation director Haruhiko Mikimoto was also grateful, expressing gratitude for the title which brought him so much of his early success.

Back when I was living in uncertainty, unsure whether I should become a professional creator, Studio Nue invited me to participate in their project and while I’m sure I caused some consternation for them, I was a member of the original creative team for the project that eventually was realized as Super Dimension Fortress Macross.
I was hesitant about making a career out of this field, but the Macross franchise was instrumental in compelling me hard to enter into this field of work that I do today, and for that it is a very special title to me.
On a personal level, I was frustrated not only over the fact that the global reach of the anime titles were impeded, but so too were all the production design sheets, the illustrations and the comics that were created through the involvement of many people.
I am very happy to hear that the situation has been sorted out enough that audiences around the world would be able to fully access all this material.
I humbly ask fans to please celebrate not only the anime titles that continue to evolve and change with each new series, but also support other material that is created to help promote the core titles, such as illustrations and comics, all of which are realized through the hard work on the part of myself and other creators!!

While the specifics of what the future holds for Macross is uncertain, we’re confident that this isn’t just lip service. Whatever happens, as Azonia would say, ‘It will be glorious.’

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