BiS Comes Out the Gates Swinging With Free Latest Single ‘KiSS MY ASS’

BiS Comes Out the Gates Swinging With Latest Single 'KiSS MY ASS'

It’s absolutely no secret at this point that anti-idol group BiS likes to make an impact; not just with their music, but with their imagery, titles, and performances too. So when I tell you that they’re coming out the gates swinging with their latest single “KiSS MY ASS”, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. But not just that, the fact that it’s being released completely free of charge for streaming should make all too much sense too — after all, this is the modern take on the group that basically flipped the rigid idol industry off with their less-than-ordinary tactics.

While nothing out of the ordinary for the alt-idol group BiS, their latest single “KiSS MY ASS” certainly packs a punch you wouldn’t expect from the industry.

Dropped earlier today via SoundCloud, an interesting move giving certain online discourse about the platform earlier today, as well as Dropbox via a one-week exclusive link, the song is everything you’d want from the group with just a little extra oomph. Overlayed with a heavy rock-focused instrumental complimented by subtle piano chimes, the song comes from the group’s upcoming album “Title Mitei” (Title Undecided) which is set to hit stores on February 5, 2020.

Following today’s release of this all-new single, BiS also went onto announce an upcoming 24-hour party on December 28, 2019, aptly titled “Let’s have a 24 hour BiS’s party”. The event will be taking place at Daikanyama UNIT with tickets available to those who pick up a copy of BiS’ latest release “DEAD or A LiME” at select retailers.

Available for free listening via both SoundCloud and Dropbox ahead of the release of BiS’ upcoming album, those interested in checking out further information can head over to the group’s official website. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as additional information is revealed.

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