BiSH’s Latest Single ‘Rhythm’ Receives Music Video, Begins Streaming

BiSH’s Latest Single ‘Rhythm’ Receives Music Video, Begins Streaming

A new BiSH release always feels exciting to me. This is partially helped by how they often feel rather sudden, sometimes deliberately. The group has really learned to harness the power of the internet to suddenly drop new music releases without warning, often only saying things a day or two before the release is set to come out. Even if a single or album has a known date where it is due to release, they’re not against putting it onto streaming services or releasing it through other means before that date. This is what has happened today, as BiSH released a music video for ‘Rhythm’ from their upcoming double A-side single ‘KiND PEOPLE / Rhythm’, alongside putting the latter song from the single onto streaming services ahead of its November 6th release date.

As Summer ends and Autumn begins, it always ends up being around this time that I begin to look back on the year that’s gone. Even with a few more months of the year left to go, I would argue that 2019 was the year within which BiSH established themselves as one of the biggest groups in the modern idol landscape. The group had been well known already, yet it’s felt difficult to go more than a few weeks without hearing their name, and between major concert tours, solo albums from some of their members to the superb ‘CARROTS and STiCKS’ album, an album which remains one of the best musical releases of 2019. This new single continues BiSH’s superb slate of musical releases this year, albeit taking a step down from the heavy rock and punk style of many of their songs for a ballad with Rhythm, a tone felt both musically and in the way with which the music video has been shot.

The song is reflective and thoughtful both in its tone and lyrics, with a beautiful music video to boot. I praised the group’s Distance music video earlier this year, and though this video is different in almost every regard from that one, it consistently impresses me what the group is able to express in both their music and their videos.

KiND PEOPLE / Rhythm, BiSH’s 6th major single and likely their final major release of 2019, will be available in physical formats from November 6th, however, Rhythm is available for streaming right now exclusively on Apple Music. If you get the chance, I definitely recommend you do so. Meanwhile, you can learn more about BiSH by visiting the group over on their official website.

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