Bleach Collaborates With Tokyo Girls Collection

Bleach x Tokyo Girls Collection Collaboration

With a sequel to the anime series Bleach expected to arrive sometime in 2021 (probably?), there has never been a better time for new merchandise.

The latest is a collaboration between the anime series and the fashion festival Tokyo Girls Collection, because even Soul Reapers have to look their best. They announced the collaboration on Monday with a special illustration by Tite Kubo in Weekly Shonen Jump. The illustration features Ichigo Kurosaki, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, and Ulquiorra Cifer.

The four guys appear to be hanging out and dressed for the human world. Well, nevermind the storyline. They’re all wearing items from the Bleach x TGC collection. For example, Ichigo is wearing the black pullover Hollow mask sweatshirt. Toshiro is wearing a Soul Society cap backwards. Grimmjow has the long sleeve Grimmjow T-shirt. And Ulqiorra has on a black patterned shirt (unbuttoned).

Bleach x Tokyo Girls Collection

Other items include T-shirts, buttons, acrylic stands, keychains, pouches, tote bags, and a hanging wall screen. The bag, wall screen, and one of the T-shirts feature the Tite Kubo illustration.

Bleach x Tokyo Girls Collection collaboration

The 32nd MyNavi Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) 2021 Spring/ Summer event will take place online on Sunday, 28 February, in order to avoid any unfortunate, accidental encounters with a low-ranking shinigami.

You can see the full collection of Bleach collaboration goods here.

Tite Kubo / Shueisha, Tokyo Girls Collection via PRTimes
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