Blue Reflection Ray Anime Key Visual Released

Blue Reflection Ray visual

In February, we learned that Gust’s video game Blue Reflection will get a TV anime adaptation in April. With April quickly approaching, we now have a lot more information about Blue Reflection Ray, including a new key visual which was released on Tuesday. The visual features five girls in very typical magical girl outfits and poses. The swords are a neat touch. A sixth girl has her back turned to the audience, which sometimes suggests something dark, but that might not be the case here (more on her below).

According to the website, these girls transform into ‘reflectors’ who fight by turning their feelings into power. Two of these are Hiori Hirahara and Ruka Hanari, the girls who were introduced to us in February. Hiori is front and center, and appears to get a magical girl dye job when she transforms.

A PV from earlier in March highlights this:

In the visual, Ruka is behind Hiori to the right. The two schoolgirls will apparently meet in the first episode, as they both have the same special ring. They are opposites, but they hang out together. And there is already an ‘incident’ of some sort which needs to be resolved right off the bat. The rest of the main characters were introduced in a teaser posted on 16 March:

Judging from the video, the girl in the back of the visual is probably Mio Hirahara. That would make her the missing sister that Hiori is searching for, according to the website.

In the game, all the magical girl battles take place in a fantasy realm, and these battles are related to personal problems in the real world. The anime series will probably share these concepts.

Manaka Iwami plays Hiori. Haruka Chisuga will voice Ruka. Reina Ueda will be Mio. Yuka Takakura is Momo Tanabe. Hitomi Owada will voice Miyako Shirakaba. Nina Tamaki is Nina Yamada. Rui Tanabe is Uta Komagawa. And Shiori Izawa will voice Shino Mizusaki.

Incidentally, the two videos feature the OP, ‘DiViNE’ by EXiNA; and the ED, ‘Saishin’ (Deepest) by ACCAMER.

Blue Reflection Ray chibi spin-off

They will also create a spin-off gag series featuring chibi versions of the main characters. The gag series will be posted to DMM PicturesYouTube channel starting in mid-April. The main series will begin on 9 April.

Koei Tecmo Games / AASA
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