Konami Pulls the Plug on Bombergirl Open Beta Test on PC

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I’ll be honest with you all, I want to say I’m not surprised, but I am actually surprised. In a move that took me off guard this morning, Konami has announced that they will be ending the open beta service for its KONASUTE title Bombergirl a little prematurely because of some nasty bugs that were uncovered once players started purchasing platinum tickets in order to play the game.

Konami has since announced that they will be ceasing the sales of the platinum tickets and will be ending the open beta at 6 p.m. tonight, Japan Standard Time.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Bombergirl title, it was originally an arcade title that players would take on the role of a Bombergirl and play through the game. It was essentially a revitalization of the Bomberman franchise that tied in with Konami’s eAmusement service in order to track your progress and unlock content to use within the game. Last week, Konami announced that they will be bringing the title to their KONASUTE online PC service with an open beta test.

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The beta test allowed players to play for free one game, and if they wanted to continue to play, they needed to purchase platinum tickets to do so. This in itself is OK, because the game was essentially a port of the arcade version all the way down to your unlocks being available and your stats still being tracked. However, the game would freeze up, charge you the platinum ticket, and then force you to have to restart the game, causing you to lose your platinum ticket. Needless to say, people were pissed. Konami has stated that people who purchased and still have remaining tickets, to reach out to them for any possible solutions.

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With this setback, it is still unclear when and if the open beta will resume or even when or if the title will still be coming to PC. But you can be sure that if and when it does, it will definitely be a title worth checking out.

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