Brooks Brothers Is a Great Fit for This ‘Blue Giant’ Collaboration

Brooks Brothers x Blue Giant

Here’s something that was mentioned in our last article about Blue Giant and The North Face but not given enough detail: a collaboration between the United State’s oldest retail brand Brooks Brothers and Shinichi Ishizuka’s jazz-themed series. To be honest, there wasn’t much to cover back when it was first announced, but now that there are photos from the collaboration event, there suddenly is.

Blue Giant descended upon the upmarket avenue of Omotesando, lying between Shibuya and Minato, to completely remodel the Brooks Brothers’ store that stands there, surrounded by other luxury fashion retailers such as Louis Vuitton and Dior. To have the protagonist Dai staring out from behind the elegantly designed windows is a strange sight, but one that is entirely consistent with what the series stands for.

Brooks Brothers x Blue Giant

As protagonist Dai says himself in an exchange from the manga, “White shirts are the proof of a jazz man.” In other words: if you don’t wear a crisp white shirt while playing, are you really a jazz musician? Other legendary figures such as Paul Desmond and John Coltrane wouldn’t be caught dead without one, and for good reason: they are the uniform of the jazz world.

Brooks Brothers x Blue Giant shirt

That being said, they don’t have to be boring, and they don’t have to be all the same, either. Blue Giant’s Brooks Brothers collaboration proves this by putting its own spin on the New York-based retailer’s classic material: adding logos, text, and even little saxophones to the cuffs. They really are a must-have for any fans of the series.

It must be said, however, that these shirts won’t come cheap. Even the cheapest item on Brooks Brothers’ website costs over 13,000 yen ($124 USD) and prices for the Blue Giant items aren’t listed anywhere – from experience, that usually means that they’re really expensive.

Still, this isn’t your regular 1000 yen UT anime graphic tee, and these Brooks Brothers’ items will last you for a very long time. Furthermore, while it is unlikely that these items will ever make it out of Japan, there is a 360 degree VR tour being made available of the store later today. Keep your eyes peeled on the official website for more details.

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