Bruce Willis Stars as Doraemon in Over the Top Softbank 5G Commercial

Bruce Willis Doraemon

American actors have played a number of silly roles in Japanese commercials in the past. But I think that this one is the icing on the cake. With Japan recently launching 5G networks on the three major providers Docomo, AU, and Softbank, one carrier, in particular, decided that it would be good to have Bruce Willis in one of their commercials with the tagline “5Gってドラえもん?” (5G is Doraemon?). Softbank’s commercials rarely make sense and this one is no different, but it’s still fun none the less.

Softbank has enlisted the star power of Bruce Willis to play the role of Doraemon in its most recent commercial advertising their 5G service going live. For those that don’t know, 5G service is supposed to provide an immense boost of speed to data connections with speeds reaching up to 2gbps. Far faster than most home internet connections.

The setting for the commercial is the Softbank family in their living room with the mother stating that she wonders what 5G will bring to the world. Immensely popular actress and model Aya Ueto says “Things as soon as you want them, like Doraemon!” Where the father who is portrayed by a dog states “There is no such thing as Doraemon!”

Cue Bruce Willis as he comes crashing through the ceiling due to a faulty Takecopter. He has a brief exchange of words with the family about being Doraemon despite him not looking like Doraemon at all and that he is moving in. The family then states that he is supposed to be moving in next door and he makes his exit to the dog father asking what he’s going to do about fixing the roo and ceiling that he just destroyed.

I don’t really know how this ties into 5G at all but it’s a neat concept seeing an actor with the stature that Bruce Willis has to dress up as Doraemon holding a prevalent role in a Japanese commercial.

Fujiko-Pro, Softbank
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