ONE PIECE BUSTERCALL Art Project Announces Next Exhibition and Apparel Collaborations


If you’ve been following us for a little while, you might remember the piece that our Editor In Chief Eddie Lehecka did about the brand BUSTERCALL which specializes in One Piece collaborations that are out of this world and really bring a new sense of life into the characters for their goods. Initially thought to be a bunch of One Piece fans that wanted to add more to the series by making their own exclusive goods which portrayed the characters in a more “cool” way as they had previously mentioned in one of their interviews in the past. Today they announced via their homepage as well as their Instagram account that they are going to be doing an exhibition featuring a large number of artists who are contributing to the BUSTERCALL project running for a week in November from November 20th until November 27th.


When we first wrote about the BUSTERCALL One Piece art project we stated that it was an official project due to some evidence that pointed us to that conclusion. At one point before the project was revealed the official One Piece staff Twitter account was basically taken over with graphics and information about the project. Then a little time later, an interview with KAI-YOU had the creators talking about how the project was unofficial in nature and they wanted to show the One Piece characters in a more “cool” light because they felt that the series was really something special. Shortly after, in a letter posted to the official Shonen Jump website, the One Piece Editorial Department apologized for calling the project unofficial. Revealing that it’s been an internal project since the beginning. How’s that for some viral marketing?

Where the project has been a little quiet recently, they made the announcement today that they will be holding an exhibition in Kanagawa on the 2nd floor of ASOBUILD called ALE BOX from November 20th until November 27th in the Nishi-Ku ward of the Takashima prefecture.

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Leading up to the event they will also be releasing a number of new clothing items including collaborating with brands and designers such as Black Weirdos and Shohei Ochiai as well as some of their own designs via their webshop which is currently under construction but will be live when the new items go on sale on November 6th.


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