Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku Release First in Series of Animated MVs for Calpis’ 100th Anniversary

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku Release First in Series of Animated MVs for Calpis’ 100th Anniversary

Calpis is… weird. I’ve not found a drink quite like it anywhere else, really, this milky, slightly acidic drink having a rather unique taste. It sounds slightly unappealing when described like I just did there, but it is genuinely nice, and it’s also a rather popular drink in Japan too. It’s also celebrating its 100th anniversary since it was first sold in Japan, another rather impressive feat in and of itself. In celebration of this fact, Calpis has collaborated with idol group Shirts Ebisu Chuugaku to create a song and a series of animated MVs celebrating this 100th anniversary.

This series is telling the story of four high school girls with themes of youth as they try to ‘create the Milky Way’, the series being conducted around the themes of Tanabata. The director for the series is Toshitaka Shinoda, who previously worked with Momoiro Clover Z on the More We Do music video for the group’s newest album and commercials for Nissin, Haagen-Daaz and more, while character designs are being handled by Yoneyama Mai, who acted as animation director on Kill la Kill, Black Rock Shooter TV, among other works. Animation for this series will be handled by a different artist for each episode, with the first episode being handled by TNSK, known for work conducted on the Black Rock Shooter video game.

The video for this episode sees Nanase wondering if she’ll make new friends at her new school as she moves to the city, noticing that she can’t see the stars because of how bright the city is. Other girls within her class notice messages she’s written in a notebook about creating the Milky Way and become interested in trying it out for themselves.

Although Shirts Ebisu Chuugaku is handling the music for the first episode of this series, the music will also change with each episode. The next episode is set to release on June 28th with music from Maruritoryuuga and other artists will be used for the other episodes of the series. Asahi, the creators of Calpis, are making a huge effort when it comes to celebrating this drink’s 100th anniversary, and I’m curious to see who else will be involved in later episodes and how the series will develop.

You can check out the official episode for the collaboration here.

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