Camellia Releases Over-The-Top Undertale MEGALOVANIA Remix

Megalovania (Camellia Remix)

The long-awaited remix of MEGALOVANIA from fan-favorite Japanese musician Camellia has finally been released, as a free download no less. Camellia released the remix on the 4th anniversary of the game Undertale, where the iconic song originated.

The first recollection I have of Camellia announcing he was working on a MEGALOVANIA remix was all the way back in September 2017 (see tweet), but took time to gradually come into fruition. After making countless memes involving the iconic main melody from the song, he announced further progress on the remix in mid-August this year. Around this time in 2018, Camellia said in another tweet that he’d make a MEGALOVANIA remix if Nintendo put playable Undertale characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Coincidentally, they did, and so he must have felt the extra conviction to release the remix to celebrate both the arrival of the Sans Mii skin and Undertale’s 4th anniversary. Camellia set the release date for September 15 and set up a YouTube premiere to build hype around the track’s release.

Camellia’s version of MEGALOVANIA, originally by Toby Fox, is a 6 minute and 20-second odyssey that doesn’t waste any time slapping us in the face with that melody. The remix is even longer than the already intense original track, and it’ll have you headbanging twice as hard. He infused his signature fast-paced, rough, tear-through-your-veins style, and it’s mega intense! Honestly, it sounds like something that belongs on his Galaxy Burst album. Just around the 2:50 mark, you kinda feel like the song could come to an end, but it builds up and keeps going into the whole second melody. We get a glimpse of calm towards the mid-end, but it picks right back up again and drops us on our butts at the end of the song. It’s probably one of his best works, even if it’s a meme that maybe went too far. There are links to download the track for free in the YouTube video’s description.

This isn’t the first time Camellia has remixed a song from a video game he loves. He also turned Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s theme Lifelight into a catchy, 4-minute hardstyle track. It’s really impressive how he can take these cheesy video games melodies and turn it into something that sounds as if it was written by him.

Camellia is a Tokyo-based multi-genre musician mostly known for his high-tension, high BPM electronic music style. He frequently releases his music in BEMANI games, where he’s one of the biggest names in Konami’s Sound Voltex. He’s also a super talented multi-instrumentalist, having produced a ton of J-Rock music with the vocalist idol Nanahira. You can check out more of Camellia’s works on his SoundCloud, and you can see more of his never-ending meme-posting on his Twitter.

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