Candy Stripper Begins Announcing New Arrivals For Fall Season

Harajuku-based fashion brand Candy Stripper began announcing pieces in their new collection, and they’re coming into the Autumn season stronger than ever. Lately, their Twitter has been a torrential downpour of new clothing pre-order announcements, and I’d like to take a look at some of their strongest additions to their brand this season.

Candy Stripper has a really specific feminine-yet-tomboyish style that they’ve gravitated towards and perfected over the years. I think their style is comparable to if Galaxxxy and X-GIRL had a really sassy child together. Anyways, Candy Stripper released their newest edition of their magazine promoting their new clothing, and this issue is dubbed “3STYLE Autumn Collection With AI TAKAHASHI”. In the magazine, readable online and featuring some, uh, exciting English, they’ve pieced together 3 different types of styles comprised of stuff you can buy from them. The first look is “Refined chic style”, which consists of two outfits that look intimidating yet gentle, and a touch mature.

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The second look is “Girl like lady style”, and for this one, they’ve put together a few vintage looking outfits to portray their idea of girly femininity. I’m not usually a fan of fuzzy wool sweaters, but the cut and shoulder drape of their Sailor Knit sweater makes it a sophisticated piece. I never would have thought that the sailor style could look good with a collar.

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The final look they’re serving us is my favorite, the “Sporty boyish style”. I’m obsessed with the CND TEDDY BOA ANORAK jacket, it almost looks like something I would have picked out at L.L. Bean when I was a kid. The color scheme is so tomboyish, and I love the bat-wing style cut of the sleeves. Outfits consisting of loose pants and an oversized top are pretty popular right now, so they’re definitely perpetuating this cozy trend with the loose tan pants.

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Candy Stripper’s online magazine struck me as even cooler than I thought at first glance, because you can click on any of photos and it will bring you to a page showing all the clothing used in the outfit. You can take a look at their Autumn collection magazine on their online store, as well as pre-order clothes. However, it doesn’t look as if Candy Stripper directly ships overseas at the moment, but I’m sure J-fashion fanatics have their own ways of getting their hands on this kind of exclusive clothing.

Candy Stripper

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