Capcom Cafe Announces Evangelion Collaboration

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The Ikebukuro and Aeon Lake Town Capcom Cafe have announced that they will be holding an Evangelion collaboration event starting on 24 April 2021. Considering that the two companies involved, Capcom and Khara, technically don’t have anything to do with each other, it will be interesting to see exactly what they come up with.

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The announcement came today in a press release, stating that starting on 24 April 2021, the Ikebukuro Capcom Cafe and the Aeon Lake Town Capcom Cafe will be undergoing an Evangelion make-over. What this exactly means is still up in the air as neither company has announced specifically what will be taking place at the venue.

I can go on a whim and assume that there will be a number of special dishes presented to fans of the series at the cafe. What I would really like to see are some really neat crossover collaboration items that feature Capcom characters interacting with the characters of the Evangelion series in some fashion. Possibly we’ll be getting some exclusive goods as well?

Capcom stated that they will unveil more information about the upcoming collaboration event in the coming days, which you can best believe I am sitting at the edge of my seat for. Could you imagine a Ryu-themed Shinji piloting Unit-01?! The possibilities are endless, honestly.

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With the collaboration event kicking off in three short weeks, I would bet that we’ll see some more information about the collaboration event in the next week or so. If you’re in Japan and want to take a look at the collaboration, you can make a reservation online for the Aeon Lake Town Location, here. If Ikebukuro is more of your digs, you can make a reservation for that location, here.

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