Capcom Cafe Announces Phoenix Wright Collaboration

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Anime and game-themed cafes absolutely love their IP themed menu items and Capcom’s Capcom Cafe is no different. This morning they made the announcement that starting at the end of December, they will be having a Phoenix Wright collaboration menu hitting their cafes, running through to the middle of February. The Capcom Cafe menu items aren’t as vast as say the Kirby Cafe or Gundam Cafe, but the fact that they’re still recognizing the series is nothing to balk at.

Collaboration Food Items

The announcement made this morning outlines the four items that they will be adding to their existing menu to give it a little bit of Phoenix Wright flair. The first of the items is the ‘For the Love of Apollo Justice: Vegetable-filled Bagna Cauda with “Objection” Aioli Sauce’. Next up is ‘Miles Edgeworth’s Elegant Dinner Time: Steak with Red Wine Sauce’, followed by ‘GODOT’S Cafe’s Baguette Sandwich’ and ‘Phoenix Wright’s vitamin-rich apple crepe’. As you can see, each main character has their own dish that is said to match their personality. Any nod to the series that Capcom gives is definitely a good sign. There will also be some novelty items that fans of the series can get as well.

Novelty Items

The Capcom Cafe x Phoenix Wright collaboration menu items will be added to the menu starting on 24 December 2020 and will run until 11 February 2021. As with most of the themed cafes, you’re going to need to make a reservation to attend, and be warned: those reservation slots fill up quickly. Especially with a series as beloved as Phoenix Wright. Personally, none of the menu items aside from the Miles Edgeworth dish really stood out to me as something that I just have to eat, but I might try to make a journey over to the Capcom Cafe to check it out. If you’re in the area and you’re looking to attend, you can get more information here.

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