Capcom Releases Teppen, Which Totally Isn’t Hearthstone

Capcom Releases Teppen, Which Totally Isn't Hearthstone

Before we get the rest of this article out of the way, I have a confession to make; I don’t know what the word Teppen means. What I do know is that Teppen is a newly released digital trading card game in the vein of Hearthstone by Capcom. That means instead of using orcs and warlocks, you can play a Yu-Gi-Oh! type game using fan favorite characters like X from Mega Man or god’s gift to everybody Dante from Devil May Cry. The game was developed by GungHo Entertainment who are behind hits like Puzzle & Dragons as well as Suda 51’s Let It Die. 

While more playable characters will be added later, some of Teppen’s choices are actually pretty interesting. Instead of getting to start of as Resident Evil heart-throbs Leon Kennedy or Chris Redfield, you can choose to play as the notorious Albert Wesker. Getting X instead of regular Mega Man is also a neat little nod. That said, that’s just in reference to who you can play as. All sorts of characters make an appearance in card form. Like Hearthstone, the game is free to play but features in app purchases. After playing the tutorial a little, I have to say in practice it actually is less of a Hearthstone clone in practice than it is in appearance. There’s an active timing element that makes it it pretty unique for its type of game.

Right now, there’s big focus on Capcom’s classic series Resident Evil, Mega Man, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, and Darkstalkers for good measure. As the game expands, I hope to see bigger representation from other franchises, particularly Ace Attorney and if they’d have the gall to do it God Hand. I can dream, but either way Teppen looks like a solid little time waster that long time fans of Capcom games and TCG heads alike can enjoy.


Capcom’s Teppen is out now.

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