Capcom Soft Announces Resident Evil Related Project Resistance

Project Resistance Screen Shot

Resident Evil as a franchise seems to have gotten back onto solid ground these last couple years. Resident Evil 7 was amazing and the remake of Resident Evil 2 was a solid enough experience that you couldn’t really fault it for much. Classic games have made their way to modern systems and overall it seems like there’s renewed life in the series after the critically panned Resident Evil 6. A few months ago word got out that Capcom was hiring new staff for an undisclosed Resi game, and while you always have to take those kinds of reports with a grain of salt, the company has finally seen fit to announce what they’re up to. Well, kind of. Project Resistance, which may or may not be a working title, has been soft announced.

Project Resistance Screen Shot

While no trailer has been unveiled yet, some screenshots have made their way online. On Project Resistance’s dedicated website, Capcom has stated they’re going to stream the trailer September 9 and a few days later at Tokyo Game Show come through with more information. Some fans are suspecting Project Resistance might be a remake, new entry, or game in a similar style of the old Resident Evil Outbreak games which introduced co-op gameplay to the series. That’s just speculation though.

I was never good at Resident Evil 4 as a kid so it wasn’t until the end of 2016 when I picked it up again on Steam that I fell hard for the franchise. I think in the span of a month I played 4, 5, 6 and both Revelations games. While other fans have spent much longer periods of their lives invested in the series, I think the fact that Capcom can make new Resi converts this late in the game says something about the franchise. I’m excited to see what Project Resistance actually is when we find out more info. As you can see, they’re sticking with the more realistic style of the 2 remake.

Project Resistance will get its first trailer on September 9.

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