Capcom Makes Huge Amount of Game Soundtracks Available On Spotify to Fans Worldwide

Capcom Makes Huge Amount of Game Soundtracks Available On Spotify to Fans Worldwide

Capcom has had a bit of a strange time when it’s come to the region restrictions on their large library of game soundtracks. Last year, it seemed like the soundtracks available for US audiences was at an all-time low, with some reporting that the only full Capcom game soundtrack they could find was for Ducktales: Remastered. However, late last month, this seems to have changed with fans now being able to listen to some of the best tracks from Capcom Sound Team.

The collection stems a wide variety of different Capcom properties, but some of the highlights are the original soundtracks from the Monster Hunter (including Monster Hunter: World), Street Fighter, Mega Man and Ace Attorney series. They also have Monster Hunter the JAZZ, a collaboration album with jazz musician Zac Zinger who created arrangements of tracks from the Monster Hunter series.

It’s a shame that so many of these tracks are just credited to “Capcom Sound Team” though since it would be the perfect opportunity to highlight some of the composers. For example, one of the most popular tracks on their Spotify is “Shall Never Surrender” from Devil May Cry 4. In the credits, it just says it was written and performed by Capcom and doesn’t credit composer Tetsuya Shibata or vocalist Jason Arnold. Thankfully further down, there are actually some credited tracks, but I’d hope that someone at Capcom could take the time to go through and properly credit the exact members of Capcom Sound Team that contributed to some of the most memorable music in games.

It’s worth mentioning that a lot of this is still written in Japanese, so it’s worth going through VGMdb.com to find the translations for all your favorite tracks. You can find Capcom Sound Team on Spotify at this link.

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