Capcom Store Osaka to Open in Shinsaibashi PARCO

Capcom Store Ryu

If you had the opportunity to visit the new PARCO in Shibuya, you would have not been able to miss the sixth floor of the building being home to many specialty stores such as the Nintendo Store Shibuya, the Pokémon Center, and the streamer centric cafe towards the back of the floor. But what some people might have missed was the awesome Capcom Store which plays home to a plethora of goods everything Capcom. From Street Fighter to Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and Mega Man, there certainly is something for everyone there. Now Osaka is going to get to join in on the fun as Capcom has announced that they are opening up the Capcom Store Osaka in the new Shinsaibashi PARCO this coming November.

Shinsaibashi Parco

The Capcom Store is a must-visit for anyone who is a fan of anything that Capcom makes. Not unlike their cafes, they have a large number of goods that you really couldn’t find anywhere else. With the new Osaka location, it will be interesting to see if they have any Kansai region-specific goods because that would be really awesome. Wouldn’t it be neat to see Ryu or Wesker chowing down on some takoyaki? Or maybe it would be better if it was Mega Man X eating that because he’s a robot and all.

Capcom Store Osaka

There has yet to be any concrete opening date announced as the Shinsaibashi PARCO has yet to be completed. The best that Capcom could say is that they’re targeting a November opening date. Either way, Osaka is just a couple hours train ride away from Tokyo and I could always make an excuse to have to go visit Osaka. There is just too much there that can be done and with the new Capcom Store Osaka opening, I have just that one extra reason to make the quick shinkansen ride.

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