Capcom Will Present Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Play in May

(Phoenix Wright) Ace Attorney: Turnabout Parallel World play

The video game courtroom antics of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney will return to the stage in a new play, Ace Attorney: Turnabout Parallel World. The play will run from 13 to 23 May in Tokyo.

Yoshitaka Hara will play the spiky-haired defense attorney, Ryuichi… *OBJECTION!* The main character’s name is Phoenix Wright. It says so in my copy of the long-running and popular Capcom video game franchise.

*TAKE THAT!* Your honor, the play is a Japanese production, so they will be using the original character names, not the English-language localization with the hamburgers. (Objection overruled.)

In any case, Yoshitaka Hara will play Ryuichi Naruhodo, aka Phoenix Wright. Ryo Kobayashi will play Ryuichi’s former classmate and nemesis Reiji Mitsurugi (Miles Edgeworth).

Reno Nakamura as Mayoi Ayasato (Maya Fey) from Ace Attorney: Turnabout Gold Medal

Reno Nakamura from Nogizaka 46 will play Ryuichi’s assistant Mayoi Ayasato (Maya Fey). She previously played Mayoi in a similar 2019 play, Ace Attorney: Turnabout Gold Medal.

The Story

The stage production doesn’t follow the plot of any of the games. Instead, at the beginning of the play, Ryuichi faints in the courtroom. When he wakes up, he’s in another world (thankfully, they don’t use the term isekai). All of his familiar allies and opponents are there, but not quite the same as he remembers them.

Reiji is an entertainment agency’s corporate lawyer. Mei Karuma/ Franziska von Karma (played by idol singer Kanon Kimoto) is ‘the absolutely perfect idol.’ Masashi Yahari/ Larry Butz is the number-one host. (The actor for Yahari/ Larry hasn’t been announced yet.)

Kaoru Oba/ Wendy Oldbag (Megumi Kuge, another returning role) is a female president. And alternate Mayoi is a suspicious fortune-teller.

In this mixed-up world, the other Ryuichi Naruhodo has been arrested as a murder suspect. Naturally, Ryuichi has to defend himself. Mayoi ends up as a love interest for Ryuichi.

Noticeably missing from the cast are characters from the later games, such as Housuke Odoroki (Apollo Justice) or Kizuki Kokone (Athena Cykes). But I never liked them as much as Maya.

Ace Attorney game director Shu Takumi will supervise the production of the play. The play will be at Theater 1010 in Kitasenju, Tokyo. You can find more information here, or at the play’s website, here.

Capcom, Gyakuten-Stage.com website, @GyakutenStage on Twitter; "Ace Attorney" Production Committee
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