Carpainter Shares Title Track, Teaser From Upcoming Album

It’s been a massive year for a lot of emerging talents in the Japanese club music scene, but there’s perhaps nobody feeling the effects of this more than Trekkie Trax’ own Carpainter. If coverage on just about every major international music publication doesn’t mean anything to you, then maybe Carpainter’s Oricon chart-topping track with Daichi Miura might. Finding the middle-ground between his newfound mainstream appeal and his humble internet-centric origins, Carpainter continues to push forward with his latest 14-track album ‘Returning.’

Set to hit shelves and online stores beginning December 6, the upcoming album melds the artist’s usual club-focused tracks into a toned-down, relaxed landscape. Releasing both the album’s titular track, “Returning,” as well as a crossfade teaser of the album, listeners are invited to take a glance into Carpainter’s musical prowess. You can find both the tracklisting and prices of the album below:

Carpainter – Returning // 2,100 yen — Trekkie Trax (TRC-006)
1. Intro
2. Force
3. Airwave
4. Terrarium
5. Changeling Life
6. 24 Dimensions
7. Mirage
8. Sprocket Gea
9. Tech and Bang
10. Much More
11. Silver Grass
12. Returning
13. Blue Carillon
14. Final Fragment (Bonus Track)

Cover Illustration: Bahi JD // Cover Design: Tomoki Yonezawa

Also made available alongside the album release will be t-shirts featuring Bahi JD’s cover art illustration. If you’re interested in checking out further information about the upcoming album, you can find it via the official website, here. You’ll also be able to pre-order it via your platform of choice, here.

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