Carpainter’s ‘Salvo Fire’ Burns With Old-School Rave Soul

Carpainter's 'Salvo Fire' Burns With Old Rave Soul

In case you were worried there wouldn’t be any more good music coming out towards the end of this year, you can rest your fears aside.  A unique voice in the world of Japanese dance music right now, Trekkie Trax co-founder Carpainter has his third full-length album ‘Future Legacy’ dropping in just a couple days on the cult=favorite label, and if this lead single’s anything to go by, the full record’s gonna be a dang hit. Compared to some of his label mates, Carpainter usually goes less for brain blasting bass and more often peddles liquid grooves and hypnotizing melodies that are easy to get lost in. ‘Salvo Fire’ from the upcoming album wears its older techno influence on its sleeve.

From start to finish, ‘Salvo Fire’ is a purposefully repetitive jam that lulls you further and further with each ongoing passage. You got your steady 129-130 four to the floor drum beat. Vocal chops, funky bongo samples, and the blips are also sequenced throughout the song; This really is your nonstop rave at the dawn of the millennium. You can just keep listening to it too, the loops and grooves don’t get old. Carpainter has said he wants to bring in a new era of techno revival in Japan with his Future Legacy album and if the whole release is as potent with true rave spirit, as well as the creative mastery Carpainter always exhibits, he just might be able to do it.

It’s been a good time for Trekkie Trax fans recently. Between the new Masayoshi Iimori single and ‘Salvo Fire’, the label’s been on their A-game. They certainly have been changing things up more recently, bringing in rappers like ONJUICY and Merry Delo to color their releases. However at their core that passion and desire to put out the most captivating dance music imaginable is as palpable as ever.

Carpainter’s ‘Future Legacy’ will drop on Trekkie Trax on November 13.

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