CASETiFY’s Final Pokemon Collaboration is a Beautiful Merch Drop Featuring Pikachu as the Star

CASETiFY's Final Pokemon Collaboration is a Beautiful Merch Drop Featuring Pikachu as the Star

We love the CASETiFY Pokemon collaborations here at Otaquest. We highlighted the first merch drop the company did a few months ago because of how strong was, and with the final Pokemon CASETiFY march drop just one week away, we thought we’d revisit it, and shine a light on a really cool upcoming set of cases and more for a variety of computers and smart devices utilizing art from artist duo Craig & Karl.

‘The Icons by Craig & Karl’ drop will be the final drop in the company’s series of Pokemon-themed drops and comprises of a variety of cases for wireless charging pads, AirPods, Apple and Android smartphones as well as MacBooks. These designs focus on, as the name suggests, the most iconic Pokemon in the franchise, those being the original 3 starter Pokemon, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, as well as, obviously, Pikachu, as well as the Pokeball itself featuring prominently in the designs.

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While the Pokemon may be the most prominent elements of the final set of designs, my favorite of the lot has to be the multi-colored Pokeball design. Featuring the standard Pokeball in the center with ever-larger multicolored circles coming off of it, the design is certainly the boldest of all the ones available to purchase, helping it to stand out above the rest. Saying that however, all the designs on offer here are pretty good.

However, I should warn you now, if any of these designs on display here catch your eye, make sure to keep a reminder in your calendar for August 15th. All of these designs will go on sale on this date, and based on the massive popularity of the previous drops, if you aren’t quick on the trigger you will miss out on purchasing your favorite design, as most options on previous drops have completely sold out within hours of being made available. You can, however, officially enter a waitlist over on the collaboration’s official web page, which should send you a reminder when the collaboration is made available.

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