Cast for Netflix’s Godzilla Singular Point Introduced

Godzilla Singular Point Anime Visual

So far, the biggest thing about Netflix’s new anime series Godzilla Singular Point might not be the titular monster, but the huge cast of human characters. The creators of the series introduced the voice actors on Wednesday 9 December.

The two lead protagonists will be Yume Miyamoto as researcher Mei Kamino, and Shoya Ishige as engineer Yun Arikawa. Both characters are described as geniuses. Miyamoto was Rikka in SSSS.GRIDMAN, Trigger’s giant mecha anime series. (Both anime series deal with big, giant things.)

It seems that when Godzilla comes calling, these two will be the ones to take on the challenging and unprecedented threat (with help from the others, of course). Mei is described as a cheerful graduate student who studies ‘non-existent creatures.’ Yun is a genius at robot manufacturing and programming, but he has difficulty dealing with people.

The series is expected to begin in April 2021. Bones (My Hero Academia, Mob Psycho 100, Soul Eater) will do the animation, along with 3D CGI studio Orange. Toho owns the Godzilla franchise.

Meet the Cast

Godzilla Singular Point Anime Visual

On the Godzilla Singular Point website, Miyamoto stated, ‘I am very honored to be involved in the work “Godzilla,” which is loved by many people in the world. I was immature and had never set foot on Godzilla works in [the 20th Century], but since I decided to be involved in the works, I have seen all Godzilla works. It was a time of immersion, and now I seem to love Godzilla.’

Shoya Ishige voiced Yusaku Fujiki in Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains. He stated that he was ‘really happy to be involved’ in the new Godzilla series. She added, ‘I am confident that this Godzilla S.P. will be enjoyable not only for Godzilla fans, but for those who have never seen Godzilla works before.’

Misaki Kuno will play the ‘dog-shaped’ artificial intelligence, Pero 2. She was Hawk in The Seven Deadly Sins, Typhon in Re:Zero, and Abel in Fairy Tail. ‘Since Pero 2 is AI, there are many difficult expressions, such as intelligence and subtleties of emotions, and I always played with all my strength in a series of challenges,’ she stated.

The announced cast will also include:

  • Rie Kugimiya (Alphonse in Fullmetal Alchemist 2003, Kagura in Gin Tama, Happy in Fairy Tail) will play Jung, an artificial intelligence on Yun’s smartphone.
  • Taro Kiuchi (President Kame in Africa Salaryman) will be Haberu Kato, Yun’s partner.
  • Wataru Takagi (Obito in Naruto, Machspeed in Space Patrol Luluco) plays the world-class scientist Goro Otaki.
  • Yohei Azakami (Deathpiece in The Seven Deadly Sins) plays Shunya Sato, a bureaucrat with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Kenichi Suzumura (Obanai Iguro in Demon Slayer, Iyami in Osomatsu-san) voices independent journalist Takehiro Kai.
  • Ryotaro Okiayu (Shigure Sohma in Fruits Basket 2001) will be Beira “BB” Burn.
  • Ayako Takeuchi (Masao Tachibana in Captain Tsubasa) will be Satomi Kanahara.
  • Jin Urayama (Gerotora in Naruto Shippuden) plays Tsunetomo Yamamoto.
  • Kotori Koiwai (Renge Miyauchi in Non Non Biyori) will be Yukie Shikako.
  • Kaho Koda (Miho Karasuma in Witch Hunter Robin) voices Keiei Lee.
  • Runa Onodera (Clarine in Fire Emblem Heroes) will be Lina Burn.
  • Tomoyuki Shimura (Kitts in Attack on Titan) will play Yoshiyasu Matsubara. He would appear to be a Japan Air Self-Defense Force colonel, based on the stars on his shoulders.
  • Hiromichi Tezuka (Tamai in Golden Kamuy) plays Makita K. Nakagawa.
  • Masako Isobe (Kinu Furisato in Twin Star Exorcists) voices Tilda Miller.
  • Kenta Miyake (All Might in My Hero Academia) will be Michael Stephen.
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