Catherine: Full Body Dated for the West, Limited Edition Detailed

Catherine: Full Body Dated for the West, Limited Edition Detailed

Fittingly, Valentine’s Day was always going to be the day we would learn more about Catherine full Body’s Western release. The original game released in Japan a few days after Valentine’s Day in 2011, while it released in Europe a few days before the lover’s holiday the following year. The remake in the form of Full Body was also released in Japan today. With the content of the game related to the complicated web of relationships between Vincent, Catherine, Katherine and Rin, love plays a central part of the game’s narrative. Earlier today, Atlus lovingly decided to tell its eager fans just when to expect Catherine: Full Body’s release in Western territories, as well as share details about a rather exciting limited edition that will be sold alongside the game at launch.

Catherine: Full Body will launch in English-speaking territories on September 3rd 2019 for Playstation 4, with the Vita version of the game as previously announced remaining exclusive to Japan. Although the game is officially considered a remake of the original title on PS3 and Xbox 360, substantial changes have been made to this PS4 release, including a brand new character in the form of Rin, with the story being drastically restructured in order to account for this. Aside from the main story, potentially inspired by the surprisingly popular competitive scene surrounding it, an online multiplayer mode has also been added to this version.

A special limited edition known as the ‘Heart’s Desire Premium Edition’ will also be released, including a copy of the game housed in a special collector’s box alongside a soundtrack CD, steenbok, hardcover art book and a rather cute sheep plush. Even if you decide to buy the standard edition of the game, however, you will still be able to pick up the launch edition which includes a copy of the game held within the same steenbok as the Heart’s Desire release.

I have to be honest, with some of my fears regarding the game’s content being relieved in the past week I am much more curious to try out this game having enjoyed the original release on PS3. While I’m still unsure as to whether I will buy the game upon its release on September 4th, if this is something you would like to pre order for yourself you can find links to pro so over on the game’s official website.

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