“Picky” Highlights Chanmina’s Visual Flair (and Her Lyrical Bite)


Rapper Chanmina checks off all the boxes required of a mainstream-courting rapper. She has the vocal delivery, honed from her teenage years competing on hip-hop talent shows and sharpened over a series of full-length releases from recent times. Anchoring those numbers, though, are pop-friendly hooks that allow songs that otherwise might have been caught in the niche of Japanese hip-hop to reach a wider set of ears. On top of all that, Chanmina boasts some killer visual flair, both in her fashion and general swagger. 

That translates over to her music videos as well, with her best creations being near-surreal creations that go big on the striking images. Latest release “Picky” delivers on that front, featuring a giant-sized Chanmina and some creative use of plastic wrap. Watch it below.

The whole clip is worth your time, though let’s underline a few memorable moments, such as Chanmina throwing tea time cakes down on the floor or imitating the role of packaged food. The highlight shot, though, is of a giant Chanmina’s head and appendages jutting out of a house as she sings along to the song. That’s the type of borderline-absurd imagery that really makes “Picky” stick around in your memories.

Chanmina, of course, is a rapper first and foremost, and the actual lines on “Picky” remind of how biting her words can be. She’s confident and locked in, declaring that “I know what I want” and even making it known she is positive about the things she hates too. “Picky” comes backed by a relatively simple beat — if something like “Doctor” found her playing off the music behind her, this one is all about giving Chanmina herself all the space she needs to shine. Chanmina can get vulnerable, but she’s best when punishing, plowing over anything in her way without a trace of self doubt. That’s all on display here.

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