CHAOTIC Tokyo Drops Several New Pieces as Part of ‘CHAOTIC FIFTH COLLECTION’

CHAOTIC Tokyo Drops Several New Pieces

CHAOTIC is a Tokyo-based brand that’s been marrying their love of music, edgy design, and the f word since 2015. They draw in elements from both the world of punk and the allure of club music and even have been known to put on shows from time to time. They’re still rising through the ranks of indie brands within the Japanese fashion landscape, but their big designs are hard to ignore on a very visceral level. The past few weeks they’ve been dropping all sorts of clothing as part of their ‘CHAOTIC FIFTH COLLECTION’ and we’ve decided to lump them all in one place.

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With a drop this large, I’m sure there’s something that’ll appeal to most of you even if you don’t want a shirt that says f*ck in huge bold letters. The T-Shirts all retail for around 6,300 yen and the long-sleeves and jackets go from 7,000 to 20,000 yen. Not bad for vibrant, well designed independent fashion. While I’m admittedly a fan of some pieces more than others, my favorite being the shirt with the yellow CHAOTIC logo over the photograph, I can definitely see most of these being worked into a good fit. The ‘Chos’ shirt is pretty neat too.

Japan’s on the forefront of independent fashion and a company like CHAOTIC Tokyo really proves that fact. They’re wearing their influences on their sleeves, literally here, to create the exact type of clothing they want to wear. Some of these shirts and jackets are a little over the top clearly, but that doesn’t mean thought and passion didn’t go into them. As long as we keep seeing more collections of clothing like this coming out from CHAOTIC, we’ll have to keep paying attention. Even if we probably couldn’t get away with the shirt that just says ‘F*ck U’ on it.

You can browse the entire CHAOTIC line up here.

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